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From the begining until now, we sought to improve our services so that our clients will call us with the utmost confidence. Our main activity is freight transport but we also offer hanging garments delivery services.

Your cargo is fully ensured from the loading of the goods until the unloading and the delivery to receiver. In addition to ensuring the value of your goods - in case of accidents, disappearance through theft or other possible undesirable events - we offer professional attachment system and protection for your goods or furniture. With an experience gained throughout the years in the transport services field, we managed to have an honorable portfolio of clients who can recommend our services with the utmost confidence.

You can count on us if you want:
  • Delivery services for freight and hanging garments
  • Special transports
  • Deliveries door to door
  • Fast services
  • Reliability

Through the quality of our services, we managed to establish long-term partnerships with our clients that help us to constantly improve our services and to be recommended.We workas an extension of our clients’ companies, helping them to grow their business.Therefore, our mission is to complement the activity of the companies we work with by assuring a proper functioning for them. Our services are available for both corporate clients and individuals.Whether you want to deliver small packages or to move your furniture, we provide you the highest standard of transport services for your goods to reach their destination quickly and safely.

The satisfaction of ourcustomer is always a priority for us. This is why we provide you customizedservices according to your needs. You can choosefor a full truck load delivery system - your cargo will occupy entirely one or more cars or you can choose for groupage cargo – your package will be transported along with others, at an affordable price. For the package groupagetransport, prices vary depending on the volume and weight of the freight.

Therefore, depending on the size of your package, the established route and your indications, the two main options for you are:

1. Full truck delivery mode - FTL (Full Truck Load)

2. Freight groupagedisposalmode - LTL (Less Than Truck Load)

If you want to deliver a small package, we recommend you the second option, to streamline the costs and to allow a faster delivery.With an experience of over 8 years in the field - both in Romania and in the countries within the European Union - we provide you a well trained and motivated team, performant equipmentand excellent transportservices at affordable prices.