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Furniture transport

We know that furniture requires a lot of attention during transport. Whether transporting fragile glass decorations, lighting systems or large pieces of solid wood furniture, we take care of each of them so that they arrive safely at their destination without any scratches. This is why we offer you the best solutions to move furniture piecesand luggages fast and safe, making sure that the furrniture transport services that we offer you takes place in the best conditions.

We put at your disposal complete and customized solutions for moving furniture, luggage and appliances from your home. To be sure that the transportof your furniture takes place in the best conditions, we pay attention to every detail, taking all the necessary precautions and we assume the responsibility of the packages that we transport. For a better protection, the furniture – especially the fragile items - is packed with stretch foil, bubble wrap or special beds. You can leave this task in our care with a simple command. Therefore, you do not have to pack them before you are opting for our furniture transportservices.

Why choose to collaborate with us?


If you are looking for a reliable partner when you move furniture and equipment within your company, you can count on us! Whether we transportcopiers, safes, desks, computers, or fragile items, we provide fast and safe delivery solutions at affordable prices. With an experience of over 8 years in the field, we ensure you that your company will be relocated in the best conditions and in the shortest time, without interrupting your activity too much.

Advanced equipment

Because we care about the quality and speed of the furniture transport services that we offer, we make sure that your goods arrives in record time and in perfect condition at its destination. Whether transporting heavy pieces of furniture or fragile items, our experienced drivers, equipped with the best location systems, pay attention to transport each furniture item fast and very carefully. Because we take every precaution, we check the condition of your goodsthrough a prior inventory, before loading and transporting the furniture.

Customized services

Because we put our customer satisfaction first, we offer customized furniture transport services according to your needs and requirements at affordable prices. The prices are set depending on the size of furniture, its fragility and the location where we will transport your goods. If your furniture is big-sized, we put our team of carpenters at your disposal to disassemble and assemble your furniture and you will benefit from an efficient transport. Your furniture pieces will be handled and placed properly to avoid any damage during transport.Also, your benefit from ensurance for your goods during the furniture transport services that we offer, and if a good is destroyed, you will be compensated.We want you to be satisfied and to establish with you a long-term trustworthy partnership.