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Freight transport

Since 2008, from the founding of the company until now, we have developed our services so that our clients can be satisfied andthat we stay competitive. As our customers count on us when theychoose our services regarding freight transport, we also take into consideration our clients` opinion, being constantly attentive to the feedback that we receive from them, always ready to improve our services, if necessary, or to be happy when our customers are satisfied with our joband recommend us further.

For those who want a specialized company, experienced in both national and international transport and equipped with the most performant gadgets, our customers can confirm that we are a reliable partner, willing to meet your requirements. Our offer is flexible and can be adapted to the needs of each client. Using our freight transportationservices, you benefit from personalized services and we make sure that your goods will reach their destination as fast as possible in the best conditions and at an affordable price.

You can count on us regarding...

Fast transport services

For your goods to reach their destination in the shortest time, we make sure that the transport is optimized and fluid on the chosen routes, bypassing crowded traffic in the villages where this issue becomes an impediment. Our team of professionals, using advanced tracking devices, is permanently dealing with the transport management at the highest standards.

The safety of your goods

Regardless of where you want the goods to be delivered, we provide you our reliable services, permanently monitored by our team of professionalsfor your freight to arrive safely at its destination. If something happens to your goods while being taken care of by our freight transportservices, our ensuring policy will make sure that you are being compensated.

Transport of the highest quality

Our car park includes performant car - bodied vans and simple vans - Mercedes Sprinter with an usable capacity of 1700kg up to a maximum authorized capacity of 3500 kg, a volume of 14 cubic meters, a maximum height of 180 cm and a maximum length of 420 cm. Because we care about the quality of our equipment, to be able to offer you freight transport services at the highest standards, we always use original spare parts,assembled by authorized car dealers and authorized service stations for the cars we put at your disposal. The routes that we choose are mainly newly constructed highways without creases or heavy traffic , even though the route may be longer than the one initally established. Our first concern is for goods to reach their destination intact, exactly as they were before being taken over.


Our goal is to offer you services that meet your expectations and exceed them whenever possible because the customers’ satisfaction is always our priority. We are constantly checking whether the freight transport services that we provide are adapted to your requirements and needs. We currentlymanage to keep up with our customers’expectations concerning the conditions of transport, delivery time and costs.