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External transport

We provide external transport in the European countries, at the highest standards. Throughout the eight years of experience we have, the countries where we had transports include France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, Holland, etc.Even if the distances are long, we make sure that your goods arrive in the shortest time at the destination, safely and at low cost. Because we have partners and subcontractors with experience both internally and externally, we manage to maintain our services at the highest international standards and at affordable prices. We also offer you personalized services so that you can benefit from competitive prices both internally and externally.

Using our services, we put at your disposal...

An auto park with performant cars

With an auto park equipped at the highest standards, our cars are adapted to the external transport so you do not have to worry regarding the delivery of your goods. Our auto park has Mercedes Sprinter cars, freight vansand bodied vans, equiped for transporting hanging garments. Our vehicles are adapted for both freight and hanging garments transport. We have a usable capacity of 1700kg up to maximum authorized capacity of 3500 kg, a volume of 14 cubic meters, a maximum height of 180 cm and a maximum length of 420 cm.

For our external transport services to proceed safely we make sure that our specialized vans have their revisions updated. We always use original spare parts assembled by authorized car dealers and service stations for the vehicles that we provide you. Therefore, you can count on us for fast and safe external transport services, that are adapted to international quality standards.

Compliance with the international quality norms

Due to our vast experience in external transport, we make sure that the border crossing is done fast, smoothly and without loosing any time. Because we take every precaution, our services comply with all the safety norms in the European Union. We are also aware of the appearance of any changes in the regulations regarding the external transport and we adapt to them in the shortest timepossible. Our first concern is that your goods arrive at their destination without any problems anywhere in the European countries. To be sure that the external transport takes place in the best conditions, before loading and transporting the freight, we check the condition of the goods, making an initial inventory.

Performant location systems

Our experienced drivers use the most performant localization systems, taking care to transport the freight on the shortest and safest route. We have the latest maps for our localization systems, being constantly aware of any changes that may occur along the way. The routes that we choose are mainly newly constructed highways without bumps or traffic jams. Regarding the external transportat, as these routes are steadily reliable and thanks to the performance of our vehicles, the delivery of your packages is done in the shortest time possible.