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About us

We are a transport company having our main activity in the terrestrial transport of goods.

Our auto park is composed of vans for the transport of hanging garments and transport for goods with an usable capacity of 1700kg up to a maximum authorized capacity of 3500 kg, a volume of 14 cubic meters, a maximum height of 180 cm and a maximum length of 420 cm.Our drivers are equipped with the most performant tools on the market. Thus, using our services, you will be in contact with our motivated and experienced team, equipped with the newly-released locating systems and special fastening mechanisms for different types of goods or garmets, ensuring a fast and safe transport. We are a transport companylocated in Bucharest but we provide you transport services both in Romania and the European Union countries.

The terrestrial transport is one of the oldest methods of freight transport and is condidered as the most effective in the field. Through time, the vehicles used for terrestrial transport – Trucks, cars, vans,.. – have been improved with all kinds of technologies. Currently these transport vehicles are equipped with special suspension and brakes, fastening systems and insurance of the goods in case of a bumpy road or unwanted shocks during shipping. Transport management is used to optimize and streamline the transport regarding the chosen routes and detour traffic jams in the localities where this becomes a problem. If you want to collaborate with a transport company that is adapted to the new technological developments, we offer you these services at a professional level for you to be satisfied and to not have any worry regarding your freight transport.

For the transport services that we provide to proceed safely, we make sure that our specialized vans have their revisions updated. This is why we always use original spare parts assembledby car dealers and authorized service stations for these types of vehicles. We also know how important punctuality is when it comes to delivering your packages. You can count on us, a transport company that puts the quality and efficiency of the provided services first. The routes that we choose are mainly newly-constructed highways without creases or heavy traffic even if the route can be longer than the one that wasinitially established. Our first concern is that your goods reach their destination intact as they were before being taken over. We provide long-term contracts or short-term agreements with clauses established by both parties, carrier and receiver. Romania and the neighboring countries are part of the area where we offer our services of freight transport or hanging garments transport.

We will provide you a well-trained team of experienced drivers, who take care that the transport of your goods is carried out safely. With an experience of over 8 years in the field and a team of professionals, we are a transport company that provides services at the highest standard of quality for freight, furniture and garments. Do not hesitate to contact us at the numbers listed on the site or to complete the online form!